TKBTC Recognition of Individuals
The Unsung Heroes Who Make our Community Tick

Please do recommend your choice for a community award, contact a councillor or the clerk to make your recommendation. People are at the heart of any community and in effective communities it is caring people who make the difference and TKBTC attempt to reach out annually to recognise those individuals who are going the extra mile in their community related roles. Award winners maybe employed in their community engaging role, or be volunteers, supporters, carers, leaders or followers, helping to make our community a better place by making a positive difference to their lives and the lives of others.
Community awards are made in the same event as Grant awards though they are clearly different, it maybe that grant receiving organisations also have community champions in their team and there is no conflict of interest should this coincide.
It is of course very important that our community award recipients are identified and recommended to the Council; we welcome and need members of the community to recommend our community champions and unsung heroes, of any age or ability, they inspire others by example and need to be identified.
In some cases our award winners see their role as a natural service and pleasure more than a sacrifice or challenge; they can be modest and reluctant to be identified but we should bring their example forward, if only to acknowledge the work of a wider group and as the standards to which we aspire in our community.

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