TKBTC Financial Grant Awards
Process and Procedure

The Community Council (Town Council) in Wales is a Statutory Body formed under the Local Government Act 1972. Councillors are community volunteers elected or co-opted to serve the community; in accordance with the Act community councils levy a small precept via the levying authority to enable the community council to function. The Council also have grant income from the solar farm and TKBTC reports all income and expenditure through the council process. Part of the TKBTC process is the award of discretionary grants to various community organisations who apply for consideration in accordance with the TKBTC Grant Award process.

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Publicity Notice of Grants

In many cases vital community services are delivered through charity and other community groups, these, often small organisations, may for example provide important inclusive and supportive activities for elderly or disabled people, off-setting loneliness; assist pre-school children and their parents with pre-school sessions to acquaint children with starting school in a positive way which helps their attainment; the library is part grant funded and itself supports many community groups; sport and fitness programmes and projects; self-help with creative interest, environmental and many other projects which define communities and in some cases enable the survival of such infrastructure.
Accordingly the community council look to encourage a wide variety of community grant applications and will apply itself to diligently assess all applications in an open democratic process.

Application Form